Squaring soccer with Islam by James M. Dorsey

By James M. Dorsey (follow the blog: http://mideastsoccer.blogspot.it/) Women’s passion for soccer is not simply love of the beautiful game. It fulfils a need to release pent-up energy and imitate others and endangers their role in a conservative Muslim society that severely restricts women’s freedom, including the right to play football. That is Saudi psychiatrist … [Read more…]

Israel and Saudi Arabia: Forging Ties on Quicksand

RSIS presents the following commentary Israel and Saudi Arabia: Forging Ties on Quicksand by James M. Dorsey. It is also available online at this link. (To print it, click on this link.). Kindly forward anycomments or feedback to the Editor RSIS Commentaries, at  RSISPublications@ntu.edu.sg. Republication is allowed subject to prior permission from the Editor.   … [Read more…]

Qatari labour report offers solutions but is unlikely to reduce pressure on World Cup host

By James M. Dorsey A long-awaited Qatar Foundation report recommends a radical overhaul of the labour recruitment system in Asian labour exporting countries as well as the Gulf state that expects to host the 2022 World Cup. The report however stops short of calling for the abolition of Qatar’s widely criticized kafala or sponsorship system. … [Read more…]

Kommentar zur Situation in Bremen

von Boris Haigis   Ein Vorstoß aus Bremen  – Über den Versuch, die Bundesligavereine für Polizeieinsätze zur Kasse zu bitten- Der Bremer Innensenator Ulrich Mäurer (63) ist derzeit in aller Munde. Mäurer will künftig Geld von der DFL für Polizeieinsätze bei Risikospielen kassieren. Hierbei soll laut Mäurer eine Regelung über das Gebührenrecht getroffen werden. Der … [Read more…]

Soccer pitches: An emerging battleground for control of Iraq

By James M. Dorsey Iraqi soccer pitches have emerged as an alternative battleground in the struggle for control of Iraq between the Islamic State, the jihadist group that controls chunks of northern Iraq, and embattled Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Iraqi officials said the broadcasting last Sunday in Baghdad’s Al-Shaab International Stadium of the World Cup … [Read more…]

In death, soccer fan-turned soldier embodies Israeli-Palestinian gap

By James M. Dorsey In death, Staff Sergeant Nissim Sean Carmeli, a 21-year old soccer fan, embodies the deep fears, distrust and dehumanization of the other that has exploded into massive bloodshed in Gaza, threatens to spark another uprising on the West Bank and makes achievement of even a temporary Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire an almost impossible … [Read more…]