Volleyball in Iran: A litmus test for women’s rights

By James M. Dorsey An international volleyball tournament in the Iranian capital has thrown into sharp relief a debate in international sporting associations on how to deal with nations that restrict women’s rights as athletes and/or spectators. How the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) evaluates next month’s World League in Tehran is likely to shape … [Read more…]

Sports and the Russian Mafia – Declan Hill

On the news that the Russian track and field athletes are banned from the Rio Olympics. Good decision. Two points, five lessons and the links between sport Quelle: Sports and the Russian Mafia – Declan Hill

Kuwaiti rulers fight their internal battles on the sports field

By James M. Dorsey Political infighting within Kuwait’s ruling family is about to take a dramatic turn with reports that the Gulf state plans to dissolve its national sports organizations in a blatant illustration of the incestuous relationship between sports and politics. The expected Kuwaiti move, part of an effort to sideline Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad … [Read more…]