Sports Science Chair of the University of Wuerzburg
The Sports Science Chair is part of the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Wuerzburg. The Chair has won widespread acknowledgement for its numerous educational projects as well as its social science research. It focuses on development and implementation and evaluation of social movement-related educational concepts. The chair’s research looks at fandom; team building; prevention of violence; experiential education; the theory of educational training and kinetics; and coaching for sports associations, business and educational institutions. It approaches its qualitative and quantitative fan culture as an expression of motivate youth cultures on the basis of social science and education theories. Please see the Chair’s 2009-2011 Research Report.

Institute of Sports Science, Landau
The Institute of Sports Science is part of the Natural and Environmental Science Department of the University of Koblenz-Landau and is located on the university’s Landau campus. The Institute’s research focusses on sport educational and sociological gender-related issues; integration and fair play in sports problems in teaching and studying sports. Soccer is a frequent theme, particularly women and girl’s football, grassroots soccerl and development of talent. Our academic interest concentrates on sports education and kinetics and a pragmatic, action-oriented approach of sports in a context of voluntary physical movement that provides a meaningful inter-action with the personal and social environment of the individual and can prompt educational kinetic processes. Fandom in youth and grassroots soccer is a key part of our research in for example in our project on parents sensitivity.